Irr sistibles patrons

Titre : Irr sistibles patrons
Auteur : Sharon Kendrick
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9782280376259
Libération : 2017-05-01

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Un jeu dangereux, Sharon KendrickEmployée comme femme de ménage dans une grande entreprise londonienne, Jessica sait bien qu'elle n'a aucune chance d'attirer l'attention du grand patron, le beau Salvatore Cardini. Et pourtant... Un soir, celui-ci lui demande de l'accompagner à un dîner et de s'y faire passer pour sa petite amie. D'abord stupéfaite, Jessica finit par accepter. Comment ne pas saisir une pareille chance de vivre un moment inoubliable en compagnie de cet homme si séduisant ? Amoureuse d’un don Juan, Kathryn RossDès le premier jour, Charlotte a eu le coup de foudre pour son patron, un Italien au charme ensorcelant, même si elle sait qu’il ne pourra jamais y avoir quoi que ce soit entre eux. Aussi, lorsque Marco Delmari lui demande de l’accompagner pour un voyage d’affaires en Toscane, Charlotte a-t-elle un instant de panique. Mais, si elle veut garder son emploi, elle n’a guère le choix ; et puis, qui sait, Marco finira peut-être par éprouver des sentiments à son égard... Pour l’amour d’un patron, Maggie CoxLorsque le grand patron du cabinet d'architectes pour lequel elle travaille arrive de New York, Morgen tombe immédiatement sous le charme. Un sentiment auquel elle essaie de résister de toutes ses forces. Car Conall O'Brien appartient à un monde qui n'a rien à voir avec le sien. Un homme comme lui, Morgen le sait, ne pourra jamais envisager une relation durable avec une simple assistante...

The Revolution of Everyday Life

Titre : The Revolution of Everyday Life
Auteur : Raoul Vaneigem
Éditeur : PM Press
ISBN-13 : 9781604866780
Libération : 2012

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Naming and defining the alienating features of everyday life in consumer society, an impassioned critique of modern capitalism argues that the countervailing impulses that exist within deep alienation present an authentic alternative to nihilistic consumerism. Original.

Les Soirees de L Orchestre

Titre : Les Soirees de L Orchestre
Auteur : Hector Berlioz
Éditeur : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13 : 1533295603
Libération : 2016-05-20

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Notice: This Book is published by Historical Books Limited ( as a Public Domain Book, if you have any inquiries, requests or need any help you can just send an email to [email protected] This book is found as a public domain and free book based on various online catalogs, if you think there are any problems regard copyright issues please contact us immediately via [email protected]

Salvator Rosa in French Literature

Titre : Salvator Rosa in French Literature
Auteur : James S. Patty
Éditeur : University Press of Kentucky
ISBN-13 : 9780813137360
Libération : 2005-01-31

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Salvator Rosa (1615--1673) was a colorful and controversial Italian painter, talented musician, a notable comic actor, a prolific correspondent, and a successful satirist and poet. His paintings, especially his rugged landscapes and their evocation of the sublime, appealed to Romantic writers, and his work was highly influential on several generations of European writers. James S. Patty analyzes Rosa's tremendous influence on French writers, chiefly those of the nineteenth century, such as Stendhal, Honoré de Balzac, Victor Hugo, George Sand, and Théophile Gautier. Arranged in chronological order, with numerous quotations from French fiction, poetry, drama, art criticism, art history, literary history, and reference works, Salvator Rosa in French Literature forms a narrative account of the reception of Rosa's life and work in the world of French letters.

The Midwife s Christmas Miracle

Titre : The Midwife s Christmas Miracle
Auteur : Sarah Morgan
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9781459291768
Libération : 2015-12-14

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It was a miracle that he found her—freezing cold and alone in the treacherous snow-covered terrain of the English mountains. And with nowhere else to go, Miranda Harding finds herself agreeing to spend a magical Christmas Day with her rescuer. Gorgeous consultant Jake Blackwell doesn't want to let this beautiful woman out of his sight, yet the next morning she's gone. Only to reappear that same day as the new midwife in his OB-GYN department. That's not the only surprise—it's now startlingly obvious that his mysterious Miranda is also six months pregnant…

The Gods are Athirst

Titre : The Gods are Athirst
Auteur : Anatole France
Éditeur : Library of Alexandria
ISBN-13 : 9781465604828
Libération : 2015-10-25

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Evariste Gamelin, painter, pupil of David, member of the Section du Pont-Neuf, formerly Section Henri IV, had betaken himself at an early hour in the morning to the old church of the Barnabites, which for three years, since 21st May 1790, had served as meeting-place for the General Assembly of the Section. The church stood in a narrow, gloomy square, not far from the gates of the Palais de Justice. On the fa�ade, which consisted of two of the Classical orders superimposed and was decorated with inverted brackets and flaming urns, blackened by the weather and disfigured by the hand of man, the religious emblems had been battered to pieces, while above the doorway had been inscribed in black letters the Republican catchword of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death." ƒvariste Gamelin made his way into the nave; the same vaults which had heard the surpliced clerks of the Congregation of St. Paul sing the divine offices, now looked down on red-capped patriots assembled to elect the Municipal magistrates and deliberate on the affairs of the Section. The Saints had been dragged from their niches and replaced by the busts of Brutus, Jean-Jacques and Le Peltier. The altar had been stripped bare and was surmounted by the Table of the Rights of Man. It was here in the nave that twice a week, from five in the evening to eleven, were held the public assemblies. The pulpit, decorated with the colours of the Nation, served as tribune for the speakers who harangued the meeting. Opposite, on the Epistle side, rose a platform of rough planks, for the accommodation of the women and children, who attended these gatherings in considerable numbers. On this particular morning, facing a desk planted underneath the pulpit, sat in red cap and carmagnole complete the joiner from the Place Thionville, the citoyen Dupont senior, one of the twelve forming the Committee of Surveillance. On the desk stood a bottle and glasses, an ink-horn, and a folio containing the text of the petition urging the Convention to expel from its bosom the twenty-two members deemed unworthy. ƒvariste Gamelin took the pen and signed. "I was sure," said the carpenter and magistrate, "I was sure you would come and give in your name, citoyen Gamelin. You are the real thing. But the Section is lukewarm; it is lacking in virtue. I have proposed to the Committee of Surveillance to deliver no certificate of citizenship to any one who has failed to sign the petition."

Inventing the Public Enemy

Titre : Inventing the Public Enemy
Auteur : David E. Ruth
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 0226732185
Libération : 1996-04-15

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In this richly detailed account of mass media images, David Ruth looks at Al Capone and other "invented" gangsters of the 1920s and 1930s. The subject of innumerable newspaper and magazine articles, scores of novels, and hundreds of Hollywood movies, the gangster was a compelling figure for Americans preoccupied with crime and the social turmoil it symbolized. Ruth shows that the media gangster was less a reflection of reality than a projection created from Americans' values, concerns, and ideas about what would sell. We see efficient criminal executives demonstrating the multifarious uses of organization; dapper, big-spending gangsters highlighting the promises and perils of the emerging consumer society; and gunmen and molls guiding an uncertain public through the shifting terrain of modern gender roles. In this fascinating study, Ruth reveals how the public enemy provides a far-ranging critique of modern culture.

Chasing Seth

Titre : Chasing Seth
Auteur : J.R. Loveless
Éditeur : Dreamspinner Press
ISBN-13 : 9781613721452
Libération : 2011-09-30

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Veterinarian Seth Davies comes to Senaka, Wyoming, looking for peace and anonymity, trying to escape his past. He’s always been a target for trouble and pain, and Seth has had more than his share of both. Kasey Whitedove takes one look at Seth and assumes the worst. No white man could love animals the way the mostly Cheyenne population expects, and Kasey makes Seth’s first days in Senaka more than unpleasant. Then an accident puts Kasey in the uncomfortable position of eating crow—and helplessly desiring Seth—despite the danger of Kasey’s life as a werewolf and Seth’s stressful secrets. Chasing Seth down and keeping him safe from his past has just become Kasey's most important job.

Because a Husband Is Forever

Titre : Because a Husband Is Forever
Auteur : Marie Ferrarella
Éditeur : Harlequin
ISBN-13 : 9781426870439
Libération : 2010-07-01

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HE STOLE HER HEART... Handsome, hardworking Shaw Cavanaugh defined the term "top cop."So when Moira McCormick arrived in town to research her next film role, it was no surprise that the Chief assigned the stunning movie star to shadow the no-nonsense Shaw-whether the officer liked it or not. BUT COULD SHE CAPTURE HIS? At first, Shaw couldn't stand the feisty, fearless Moira-or her constant presence in his squad car. But the movie star and the man in uniform discovered an unexpected connection that smoldered hotter than anything on the silver screen. After the cameras stopped rolling, would they give themselves love?