Mastering the Potter s Wheel

Titre : Mastering the Potter s Wheel
Auteur : Ben Carter
Éditeur : Voyageur Press (MN)
ISBN-13 : 9780760349755
Libération : 2016-06-01

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"A book of advances wheel techniques and inspiration for potters who have basic skills but would like to learn more about throwing large forms, lids, handles, darting, and more"--

Environmental Biotechnology

Titre : Environmental Biotechnology
Auteur : Jeyabalan Sangeetha
Éditeur : Apple Academic Press
ISBN-13 : 1771883626
Libération : 2016-07

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With focus on the practical use of modern biotechnology for environmental sustainability, this book provides a thoughtful overview of molecular aspects of environmental studies to create a new awareness of fundamental biological processes and sustainable ecological concerns. It covers the latest research by prominent scientists in modern biology and delineates recent and prospective applications in the sub-areas of environmental biotechnology with special focus on the biodegradation of toxic pollutants, bioremediation of contaminated environments, and bioconversion of organic wastes toward a green economy and sustainable future.

How Do I Do That in Lightroom

Titre : How Do I Do That in Lightroom
Auteur : Scott Kelby
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1937538931
Libération : 2015-08-24

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Lightroom has become the photographer's tool because it just has so much power and so much depth, but because it has so much power and depth, sometimes the things you need are...well...kinda hidden or not really obvious. There will be a lot of times when you need to get something done in Lightroom, but you have no idea where Adobe hid that feature, or what the "secret handshake" is to do that thing you need now so you can get back to working on your images. That's why this book was created: to get you to the technique, the shortcut, or exactly the right setting, right now. Here's how it works: When you need to know how to do a particular thing, you turn to the chapter where it would be found (Print, Slideshow, Organizing, Importing, etc.), find the thing you need to do (it's easy-each page covers just one single topic), and Scott tells you exactly how to do it just like he was sitting there beside you, using the same casual style as if he were telling a friend. That way, you get back to editing your images fast. This isn't a book of theory, full of confusing jargon and detailed multi-step concepts. This is a book on which button to click, which setting to use, and exactly how and when to use it, so you're never "stuck" in Lightroom again. This will be your "go to" book that sits within reach any time you're working in Lightroom, and you are going to love having this type of help right at your fingertips.

Truth Needs No Ally

Titre : Truth Needs No Ally
Auteur : Howard Chapnick
Éditeur : University of Missouri Press
ISBN-13 : 0826209556
Libération : 1994

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The man called "Mr. Photojournalism" by the Washington Post here offers the most comprehensive book available on documentary photography, covering the history and ethics of the craft as well as practical issues for anyone with a serious interest in photography.

Community Forestry in Canada

Titre : Community Forestry in Canada
Auteur : Sara Teitelbaum
Éditeur : UBC Press
ISBN-13 : 9780774831918
Libération : 2016-10-07

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This book brings together the work of over twenty-five researchers to provide a comparative and empirically rich portrait of community forestry policy and practice in Canada. Tackling all forestry regions from Newfoundland to British Columbia, it unearths the history of community forestry across the nation, demonstrating strong regional differences tied to patterns of policy-making and cultural traditions. Case studies reveal innovative practices in governance and ecological management but also uncover challenges related to government support and market access. This book also considers the future of the sector, including the role of institutional reform, multiscale networks, and adaptive management strategies.

Snapshot Versions of Life

Titre : Snapshot Versions of Life
Auteur : Richard Chalfen
Éditeur : Popular Press
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015047481612
Libération : 1987

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Snapshot Versions of Life is an important foray into the culture of photography and home life from an anthropologist’s perspective. Examining what he calls “Home Mode” photography, Richard Chalfen explores snapshots, slide shows, family albums, home movies, and home videos, uncovering what people do with their photos as well as what their personal photos do for them. Chalfen’s “Polaroid People” are recognizable—if ironically viewed—relatives, uncles, aunts, and All-American kids. As members of “Kodak Culture” they watch home movies, take pictures of newborn babies, and even, in their darker moments, scratch out the faces of disliked relatives in group photographs. He examines who shoots these photos and why, as well as how they think (or don’t) of planning, editing, and exhibiting their shots. Chalfen’s analysis reveals the culturally structured behavior underlying seemingly spontaneous photographic activities.

500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits

Titre : 500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits
Auteur : Michelle Perkins
Éditeur : Amherst Media, Inc
ISBN-13 : 1608955524
Libération : 2013

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A sample book of classic, casual, and editorial poses for family, bridal, team and other group photos.